– Autumn in town –

– Lep pozdravček –

V outfitu na spodnjih fotkah vidite popolno nasprotje outfitom, ki sem jih do zdaj predstavila na svojem blogu.

MORAM priznati, da se v meni skriva punca, ki ima včasih zelo rada roza barvo, včasih bi pa lahko nosila samo oblačila v črnih odtenkih. Verjetno nisem edina med puncami, ki je takšna 😀


Dress / Esmara

Coat / H&M

Jacket / New Yorker

Shoes / Deichmann

Choker – Shein

Bag – Michael Kors

– Hat madness –

– Hello hello –

I know I am wearing a lot this pink coat. I will make a lot more posts without the coat. I had to show how i spiced up my current favourit outfit with accessories (i love love love fall fashion it is so coooozy).

img_3771img_9223_fotorimg_7930_fotorCoat – Shein, Jumper – H&M, Jeans – New Yorker, Hat – Accessorize, Scarf – H&M, Shoes – Deichmann, Bag – Boo packs




– First blog post –

-Hello everyone –

I am so happy to start writing on my own blog and I hope my english is not too bad and that you will understand me. For the very first post I decided to describe myself a little bit, so you can see what type of person I am.

Here are a few things that describe me:

1. Fashion addict.

I love fashion, fashion shows, fashion stores… everything fashion! My hobby is a little weird, but I am going to tell you what I like to do. Every time a new collection arrives (in summer and in fall) I like to go in the stores and to discover new trends. I especially love Zara, because the collections from Zara are a little bit more inspired from high fashion. I am going to write about fall fashion and my style (right now I am obsessed with high waist jeans and cozy sweaters) in another post , because I hope you are going to like it!


2. Art lover.

I recently graduated and my profession is art history and translation studies (german). So now you know why I love art. In my opinion you can find something beautiful wherever you are. I have a special tip for everyone – If you live in a city you have to look UP and look at the architecture of your special city. You have to go to the nearest gallery or just out and see the art with your own eyes, because not everything is grey in your life.


3. Foodie and coffee addict.

I love food as much I love coffee and my boyfriend (a little joke). Every month I say to myself – Ana you have to take a diet, for real now (maybe for new year). As a student in Maribor it is very hard to eat healthy because I have a budget and I eat with student coupons. But I still try to live a healthy lifestyle !


4. Tattoo lover.

My love for tattoos is very unusual. Yes I am a blonde pinky girl, but I love love love tattoos. I have three small tattoos, but my dream is to have a tattoo sleeve.


This is a short post about me and four words that describe me the most. Which words describe you the most?