– Velvet with black & white –

– Lep pozdrav –

Pred nekaj dnevi sem pisala o roza žametnem puloverju nad katerim sem noro navdušena. Stilirala sem ga malo bolj ležerno, nato sem pa razmišljala, da bi naredila look, ki bi bil malo bolj ženstven in eleganten. Slike povejo več kot besede.


Pullover / Zara

Coat / Shein

Skirt/ New Yorker

Scarf / H&M

Shoes and bag/ Bags and  more

Lepe praznike vam želim!

– Short trip to Graz –

– Hello hello –

If you have never been to Graz, you really have visit this beautiful city.

These are the destinations to go:

  1. Schlossberg
  2. Graz center
  3. Ikea

The center from Graz is just beautiful – especially in winter when there is the christmas market with the lights and wine. The architecture in the city is so beautiful and old – the architecture is very similar to the architecture from Maribor (everything is very connected with the histroy and architecture from Wien).


The next destination we visited was Schlossberg and the view was amazing (!). In autumn the trees are very colorful and the sun was so nice and warm.  All the photos we made are made on the path to the top of the Schlossberg.


Sweater – Esmara, Shirtdress – Zara, Leggins – H&M, Shoes – Chloe lookalikes, Scarf – H&M,  Jewelry – Primark, Sunglasses – Versace

Our last destination was Ikea, because it was already late and we were hungry. Ikea is my secret tip for good food if you are on a budget (or not). In Ikea you can find some delicious pastries and cakes (so if you love sweet food you have have have to buy their Ikea tarta Chokladkrokand Almond cake it is sooooo delicious). I personally am obsessed with Ikeas hot dogs and cinnamon buns (yuuummmm).


Have a great day !

– Vintage rabbit –

– Hello everybody –

Today was all about the details and this vintage feeling I get because of the sweater.


Sweater / H&M

Highwaist jeans / New Yorker

Bag / Boo pack

Shoes / Chloe lookalikes (bought a long time ago)